Yet another superhero comes home to find his girlfriend or wife dead. Feminist critics refer to this phenomenon as "Women in Refrigerators," after a comic where Green Lantern comes home to find his girlfriend hacked up and stuffed in the fridge. Says Occasional Superheroine of the latest instance:

The "honey, I'm home...and you're dead" trope is getting rawther tired, isn't it? Didn't I read this book three years ago?


Click on the thumbnail or read on for spoilers on the identity of the latest victim...

Mister Miracle walks in on the corpse of Big Barda, surrounded by groceries, in Death Of The New Gods #1, out today. She was going to cook him a nice meal, and now she's splatted. At least this time, Barda is a superheroine in her own right, not just a civilian casualty. But if they were going to kill off one of the most badass superheroes, they should have shown us how she went down fighting. Image from Scans Daily.

Almost Peed My Pants Reading This [Occasional Superheroine]