3 Clips From BBC's Day Of The Triffiids

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Watch the world go blind while Eddie Izzard tries to save himself from a crashing plane, in the first clips from the BBC's Day of The Triffids Remake. And ask yourself: What would you do in Izzard's shoes?


Here's the official synopsis from the BBC, which will be airing the two-day special December 28th and 29th:

The world is struck blind by a solar storm, and millions of man-eating mobile plants are released to roam Britain.

As an expert on the Triffids, Bill Masen knows that salvation rests in the hands of the father he hates, who mutated the Triffids in the first place to produce a green source of oil that the world craves.



Well, that just begs the question:

Is he wearing sensible shoes or high heels?

I mean, I can't exactly answer the question without knowing if he's wearing high heels, something with a slingback, or even, dare I posit, come-fuck-me boots.

That's just shoddy reporting, that is.