The producers of Terminator 4 plan to keep Christian Bale around as John Connor in three Terminator movies total. T4 producer Derek Anderson revealed to the BBC that "he [Bale] read the script and he loved it, so he's signed on for all three."

Another producer, Victor Kubicek, says he'd doubted whether Bale would be up for another trilogy, on the heels of his commitment to the Batman movies. The producers wouldn't discuss any future plots or characters in the films. But I'm assuming if this one is completely in the mechanical world as we revealed last week. Let's hope at least one of them is bound to involve time travel. The question is whether Bale is still taking a backseat to Sam Worthington's new character, in the revised version of the T4 script. And another question remains: how much money would it take for a Governator cameo? [BBC via Latino Review]