28 Somethings Later... But They Won't Be Zombies

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It looks like everything we know about the potential third film in the 28 Days Later series may be wrong, according to new comments from director Danny Boyle. Not only is the film unlikely to be called 28 Months Later, but those things lumbering around like the undead? Totally not zombies. What the hell is going on?Boyle told MTV's Movies Blog that the title of the possible third movie still hasn't been decided, but it's probably not what we've all been expecting:

It don’t think it will be called ‘28 Months Later,’ that’s all I can say... I mean, it’s absolutely not written yet, but there’s a prospect of an idea and the way these ideas start is you just suddenly get a little glimpse.


My bet? 28 Years Later. Just you wait... But more interestingly, Boyle also explained that all the times that we've referred to the infected in the first two movies as zombies, we've been wrong... and why:

There was an article in the paper the other day by Simon Pegg. He wrote this article begging people to let zombies stumble again and not run. He was trying to turn the tide back because everyone has zombies running now. He’s like, ‘No, please. Can we go back to the old days when you knew you could get away from them?’ That was sort of the thrill. These idiots didn’t lock themselves in car and died... That’s why I keep saying, ‘It’s not a zombie movie, everyone. It’s not a zombie movie!’ Because the aficionados - it’s sacrilegious what you’re doing by changing things like that. They’re infected. They’re not zombies.


Po-tay-toe, po-tah-toe, Mr. Boyle. You can say what you like, but those "infected" monsters? Totally zombies. Even if they're on fast forward. Danny Boyle On ‘28 Months Later’: It’s Not Called ‘28 Months Later’! [MTV Movies Blog]

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Josh Wimmer

Do blunt weapons only do half damage? To me, that is the true test of zombiehood.