Sizzle reel shows hints of the gritty Daredevil movie Fox won't be making

A few days ago a deflated director Joe Carnahan (The Grey) took to Twitter to announce that his pitch for a Serpico-styled Daredevil movie had gone up in smoke. And now he's released his exciting sizzle reel, cobbled together from Daredevil comics panels and past violent movies. Here's the bloody "NC-17" version — think of it as a mood board for the movie that we'll never see.



Darth Tigris

..... yikes, I'm glad this didn't happen. Sorry, when I think DD I don't think the 70's. Carnahan CLEARLY has very little respect for the character's world but a lot of respect for 70's crime drama.

Oh, and NC-17? Seriously? THAT??? He's trolling us.

If DD is going back to Marvel Studios, then that is the best possible news, even though he doesn't fit with their current properties at all (except Black Widow ........ hmmmm ...). If only FF could come to, Avengers 2 could really be a cosmic marvel!