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Ask True Blood's Reverend Steve Newlin Anything, Right Now!

Illustration for article titled Ask emTrue Blood/ems Reverend Steve Newlin Anything, Right Now!

True Blood's scene stealer and recently out-of-the-coffin (and closet) vampire, Reverend Steve Newlin is stopping by io9 now! Join hilarious writer and actor Michael McMillian as he answers all of your burning questions about the good Reverend and his sweet pompadour.


Before he was devouring entire fraternity houses with Russell Edgington (the magnificent Denis O'Hare), Reverend Steve was running the anti-vampire league the Fellowship of the Sun. But now he's been turned and has come out as the public face of the American Vampire League. Quite a journey for this hyper-ambitious vamp!

And besides playing Reverend Steve, Michael keeps himself very busy penning the True Blood comic books and his own series, Lucid. Submit a question for Michael below in the comments. At 1:00 PST, he will will sign on and tackle each question. You know the rules — he's volunteered to drop by the io9 house, so be polite!


The discussion is over, thank you so much for participating Michael! Don't forget to watch the finale of True Blood this weekend on HBO.

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It was funny to see Newlin go from the vampire-hating, ultra-conservative-Christian caricature to this new out of the closet and fabulous boy-toy pushing vampire PR. What do you think that radical transition says about Newlin? Is he a bit of a sociopath, not really caring about either the anti-vampire or pro-vampire camps, but just looking to get his? Or was being turned a rebirth for him, allowing him to let out all that stuff he kept bottled up when he was human? Or, perhaps, does becoming a vampire change who a person is on a fundamental level?

You're probably the funniest character on the show, so keep up the good work.