Cabin in the Woods Director Drew Goddard is live on io9, and taking your questions!

Illustration for article titled emCabin in the Woods/em Director Drew Goddard is live on io9, and taking your questions!

We've got the Director of Cabin in the Woods Drew Goddard live on this very post taking questions from all of you. Ask him absolutely anything you want about monsters, Joss Whedon (who co-wrote Cabin) writing or directing. How much human blood can a merman spew from its blow-hole?


Before Cabin, Goddard spent his time writing for some of the scifi TV greats including, Lost, Alias, Angel, and Buffy. So he's pretty responsible for stealing a big chunk of our lives with highly addictive television. Oh and he wrote Cloverfield.

Currently, Goddard is penning the script for Steven Spielberg's book adaptation Robopocalypse and waiting for everyone to find Kevin on the Blu-Ray and DVD of Cabin in the Woods (available now).


At 1:00 PDT, he will will sign on and tackle as many questions as he can. You know the rules — he's volunteered to drop by the io9 house, so be polite!

UPDATE: The conversation has been closed. Thank you for your questions, and thank you to Drew for your hilarious answers.

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Charlie Jane Anders

A lot of time in the film is spent on the victims choosing the monsters that will kill them. Why is *that* so important? Given that the victims are puppets in every other sense, why does their choice matter in this one area, especially since it's not an informed choice. And is the choice of monster supposed to reveal something about the person who chooses it?