The amazing time-travel cop show Continuum coming to Syfy in January

Illustration for article titled The amazing time-travel cop show emContinuum/em coming to Syfy in January

Syfy will gain a strong new piece of television in a couple months, when the Canadian time-travel drama Continuum debuts. Syfy just announced the premiere date for Continuum: Monday, Jan. 14, 2013. And Syfy has bought both seasons one and two of the show, which means that the 13-episode second season could air soon after its Canadian airing.

I was a big fan of the show during its first ten-episode run in Canada — although the season finale turned the show's premise on its head in a way that still has me scratching mine. It's definitely a great addition to Syfy's Monday night lineup, especially since it's a piece of straight-up science fiction, which asks some thought-provoking questions about corporate domination of politics and the relationship between power and responsibility. [TV Fanatic]

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This was probably a safe bet given Syfy's tendency toward farming Canada for sci-fi shows, the next question is will we get season 1&2 back to back like we got with Lost Girl while Syfy plays catch-up?

Also is that Lexa Doig in the maroon jacket? Was probably going to watch this anyway but if Andromeda is on the show I'm sold.