At first glance, The CW's Wonder Woman show seems to be getting back to Diana's roots

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The CW has put out a casting call for the lucky actor who will play Diana, aka Wonder Woman, in its brand new origins show. And the other day, a description of the character came out: she's "a fierce warrior with the innocent heart of a romantic." But what does that mean, exactly?


We got hold of the script pages that are being used for Diana's auditions, and found out a bit more about how Wonder Woman will be portrayed this time around.

First off, a couple caveats: 1) The script for the pilot isn't even written, according to the report the other day. So these casting pages can't be from the script, because it doesn't exist yet. 2) Even if there was a script, it would probably be massively rewritten before and during filming. And in general, you can't form much of a judgment about something by looking at an early piece of material. Except to get some vague hints about the direction the creative people — in this case writer Allan Heinberg — are going in. And the kind of Wonder Woman they're hoping to create.

Still, there are possible spoilers for the pilot below. Be warned!

So... the script pages consist of two scenes between Diana (who's called "Iris," to disguise her true identity) and Steve Trevor (who's called "Pete," for probably the same reason.)

In the first, Steve Trevor has crash-landed on Diana's island and she's angrily interrogating him, with his hands and feet cuffed to a chair. She thinks he's a terrorist attacker, or the vanguard of an invasion, or maybe a spy. But "Pete" keeps pointing out that he's alone, "one guy with a broken plane and a handgun," and not really what the U.S. government would send if they were invading. Steve Trevor is super charming, and snarky in a "CW guy" kind of way — sort of Damon from Vampire Diaries crossed with Tommy from Arrow. Suave.

In the second scene, Steve Trevor and Diana are in America, and she's in a diner having eaten a ginormous meal. Steve is astonished that she still wants more food — and she explains that where she comes from, they don't have any of this luxury or softness or french fries. Life on Diana's island was hard and forbidding. And here, she explains that her people were slaves until they rose up, and they're always aware that they must fight for their freedom. And then Diana tries ice cream for the first time. She "takes her first bite... and swoons. She WHIMPERS with pleasure." With her second spoonful, Diana's whimper becomes a moan. It gets into When Harry Met Sally territory, basically, as she experiences ice cream for the first time. The people in the diner are kind of freaked out.


So, all in all... it looks pretty decent, and feels very much like a CW show, with the sparky flirty chemistry between Steve and Diana. The ice cream-eating reminds me of David E. Kelley's ice cream-obsessed Wonder Woman, in kind of an uncomfortable way. I feel like there's some Hollywood script-writer thing that sees "eating dessert" as a shorthand for all sorts of stuff about female sensuality, and that's certainly the case here. (Think Troi/Crusher and their endless dessert dissertations on Star Trek: TNG.)


All in all, even based on a couple of casting sides, I can tell this is way better than the Kelley pilot — Wonder Woman has a core to her that she never had in Kelley's version, including the awareness that her people were slaves. And apparently we're keeping the "Steve Trevor crashes on Themyscira" origin story — unless they just concocted that for the casting sides and decide to toss it out. But I'd bet it's in. And I'm kind of glad they're dragging Diana back to her roots, at least somewhat.



How bl**dy difficult can it be? I know Nikita isn't the best show out there but you at least have a female lead that's a balanced character, is kick ass and doesn't swoon at ice cream for gods sake.