The Big Bang Theory asks the preposterous question, "What if girls went into a comic store?!"

We all know The Big Bang Theory isn't afraid to push boundaries in its hard-hitting, yet scintillating look at nerds and nerd culture. But in this Thursday's episode, the show may have gone too far as it presents the utterly ludicrous premise that a girl — several of them, in fact! — would willingly go into a comic book store! Silly girls! There are no clothes or make-up in there! Just boys, who are unable to function socially with members of the opposite sex, to the point that merely seeing females puts them into a catatonic stupor! Because they're nerds! Ha ha!


Also, the main guys dress as Star Trek characters for some reason. But come for the cosplay, stay for the nerd and gender stereotypes!

[Via Blastr]

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Cat VonAwesome

I really wanted to love this show, and I do love several of the characters, but I had to sop watching specifically because of this junk. I got excited when they added in the female characters as regulars and then it just became the same repeated Men are from Mars jokes over and over.

I do like that the ladies get to be smart, but they don't also get to be geeks or share any of those interests and that bothers me. They still have to be shrill and annoying women.