Actual Plot in American Horror Story: Grown Man Drinks Sex Worker's Breast Milk

And to think the plot line that involved a grown man sucking a woman's breast DRY (an actual thing someone says on the show last night) is only the second most revolting thing to happen on last night's American Horror Story (the first was a character violating a dead body) Sometimes I feel like this isn't really a show, but morbid scribblings on the last three pages of Freshman's English spiral. Gross American Horror Story, gross.


Spoilers ahead...

I know what you're thinking: "Meredith, what if they merely implied the breast milk drinking scene, and it's all innuendo?" Ha, ha... no. If you're thinking that, then clearly you've been spared the horror that was last night's episode. Because just in case you were hoping praying that this whole breast drain seduction was a goof, the show makes a point to show actor Dylan McDermott with mouth full of breast milk. Congratulations, American Horror Story you've outdone your pilot where McDermott masturbates standing up while weeping. Next week, Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk film McDermott killing a homeless man to get an erection. No wait, this was worse. Later on in the same episode, Zachary Quinto has sex with the dead body of Clea DuVall. And don't worry, they flip her around and show her corpse makeup so you really, really know that he's having sex with a dead person. Good note.


I don't really know what to say about all of this. Yes the suckling was loosely tied together with the sentiments that Pepper accuses Dr. Oliver Thredson of harboring towards Grace's breast milk, and later Lana feeds baby McDermott her breast milk. But what was the point? Shock for shock value of this magnitude is not only revolting, it's boring. Like father like son, even in breast milk addiction? Ok, but why? Why is that compelling character thread? Bloody Face takes his victims' skin, rapes women, makes lamps from flesh... and now hungers for the taste of breast milk? Is this supposed to flesh out the character more? Were people just sitting around in a room, farting into a bag until someone came up with this scenario?

I'm not repulsed by breast milk scene (as a commenter mentioned earlier the Game Of Thrones breast milk scene was both insane and very character revealing). I'm repulsed by the fact that yet again another woman is being strangled for something precious she owns. It seems this series has run out of ways to attack women. We've seen women raped, murdered, shot, women being cut up, violated in their death, hit, possessed, we've even seen women ram coat hangers up their vaginas. Last week I wondered if the rape of Monsignor was somehow an attempt to justify the terrible things done to women over this season (I truly hope not). And now AHS has found a whole new way to shame and terrify the female characters. It's just too much. What's next? Just because you slap the word "horror" on something that doesn't mean I want to watch a woman forced to eat her own feces and call it daring. Make it work AHS, or don't do it at all.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment of this episode was that the director, Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, shot a really beautiful episode. "Spilt Milk" — which LOL OK WE GET IT, AHS — might be the funniest and most glamorous episode of the season.


Lana's exit out of the columbarium, the time jumping shots inside Bloody Face's house (past and present) and the shot leading up to Jude's solitary cell reveal were stunning. Everything is absolutely gorgeous, from the shade of Lana's lipstick in Dr. Threadson's house to her gloved hands holding the pistol. It was well crafted, well dressed and beautifully shot. It's a shame the only thing I'm going to remember is McDermott's mouth full of milk and Threadson thrusting into a dead body. And that scene where Lana is basically forced to breast feed the baby she didn't want, that's powerful. Her hand in the air, face turned to the cold crucifix that was a brutal moment. You don't need the earlier shock value shots to make this moment work. It works, well.


Plus, REAL THINGS WERE HAPPENING. Lana got out, and looked bad ass doing so. Shortly after she got her revenge and wept for the death of her lover Wendy for a hot minute, she began changing. Lana has received the acclaim she so desperately wanted and we adored watching her turn into a new kind of monster. Back in Braircliff, we learned that Grace is full of alien baby. Aliens and abduction are supposedly something the creators of this show find deeply terrifying. Perhaps they should watch more X-Files — because none of what was revealed through Grace's story was all that scary.

We also found out that Alma was still alive, and we bet every last penny we own Grace ends up hacking Alma to bits with an axe. And Jude was left in a cell to rot by her beloved Monsignor. Kudos to Jessica Lange on her cold, crazy delivery: "MY GOD wouldn't allow it." That was an excellent scene.


In fact, most of this episode was awesome. But the pointless shock tactics outweighed all the hard work the rest of the episode was doing for me. Don't get me wrong — I love crazy. Hell, I love Lana doing a DEAL WITH IT walk of shame through a graveyard, and I love Sister Jude writhing around to "Love Potion Number 9." But if you're going to make a character that no one gives a damn about lap up breast milk, make it matter.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention, the Candyman music in this episode was totally and completely amazing. It took me a few minutes to figure it out, but once it started I was clapping with joy. Great choice.


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Thank you, Meredith. You're the one of the few who sees exactly what I do. Lana had some kickass moments last night but the Dylan McCrysterbation parts were just stupid. The acting in them was also pretty awful so I just wanted them to end it and go back to Fabulous 60s Lesbians Fashions: The Show.

The whole thing with Lana and Thredson at the end was necessary but it was sort of like, "Just someone kill someone else. We know everyone's going to end up dead so just get it over with." Though I'm 100% glad that Lana did what she did. With all the crap they've pulled it was nice to see her at least pull that off.

I think the "horror" doesn't work this time because everything is so over the top and constant that there's no time to be horrified. I mean, we can't argue that the things happening aren't horrifying but there's just no feeling in it or any real sense of peril. I can see the horrors of the "real world" and the crazy supernatural world but nothing got enough time. All the scares dried up after they were introduced because they just sort of lingered along not doing very much. Lana's torture by Thredson could have been far more horrifying if they had stuck to it. That is real world scares right there. But it was interrupted by everyone else so much that it was just... eh. There's been some great drama and absolutely lovely acting this season but horror? Not so much.

(But can I have a spin off of Lily Rabe as a possessed nun with her roommate Jessica Lange as anything?)