Here's your first look at samurai Keanu Reeves in 47 Ronin

Update: Concept posters removed by request of the artist.

If you've been lying await at night, wondering what on God's green earth Keanu Reeves might look like as a ghost-hunting samurai in the mostly Japanese film 47 Ronin, congratulations! Thanks to a slew of potential movie posters, you finally have your answer: Qui-Gon Jinn. I mean, exactly. It's super weird. Even weirder than seeing Ted "Theodore" Logan in a kimono, and that's pretty weird. There are a bevy of other posters below, including more Jinn Reeves, a lovely lady in a kimono, an unattractive warrior in yellow, and an extremely demonic suit of armor.


[Via Bleeding Cool]

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It's not Keenu Reeves, it's the magical white man, who is instantly better at being one of your nation's cultural icons than you could ever be.

And you thought we were past the magic white man stories after the Last Samurai...