Designer makes a leather ring from his own flesh

Designer Sruli Recht creates experimental fashions that often have as much to do with where his materials come from as what the final product looks like. For example, he's woven horsehair garments, tanned the leather of stillborn lambs, and extracted silk from a spider's silk gland implanted in a goat's milk duct. As part of his latest collection, Recht decided to put himself into one of the pieces in a very literal way.

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Recht had a 110mm x 10mm strip of skin surgically removed from his abdomen (the not so squeamish can watch video of the surgery above) and then salted and tanned it with an alum solution before mounting it on a 24-carat gold band. The buyer of this anthropodermic leather ring, titled "Forget Me Knot" and priced at €350,000, will receive a DNA certificate and a DVD of the making-of process.

It seems odd to wear a ring made from a stranger's skin, but I could certainly see folks exchanging wedding bands made from their own skin. All that hair might get a bit distracting, though.

The Concentrated, Sruli Recht [We Heart via Design You Trust]


Dr Emilio Lizardo

The average person has a body surface area of about 1.8 meters. Easy to find them over 2 meters in America. Skinning that person and selling pieces this size for $470,000 (estimated exchange rate) yields over a billion dollars, net. The gold bands probably cost a couple hundred dollars each. Go the Silence of the Lambs route to save surgeon fees (and unwanted questions) and I think I just found my new retirement plan.