24 Showrunner's new project sounds like Robotron 2084

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Alloy Entertainment is trying to make the new Terminator. The studio has partnered up with Harper-Collins to film the yet-to-be-released dystopian robot world trilogy 2084, penned by Gregg Rosenblum. The book is set in the year 2084 after the robot uprising. The humans lost, and now we're the robots slaves. Howard Gordon (24) and James Wong (Final Destination) are producing the movies and book series. [THR]


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Humans make terrible slaves. We need food, sleep, medical attention, and we wear out pretty easy. The machines would just process us for resources and move on. Evaporator ray set to maximum, Roomba Extreme set to collect resources. repeat seven million times, or as needed. Once done, the machines would have easier ways of obtaining the resources than wasting weapons on us.

That's why the original Terminator ideals were so good. We were being rounded up and wiped out. Exterminated. Ceased to exist. Ex-parrots and all that. Ah well.