23 new images from Steven Spielberg's alien drama Falling Skies

Behold the devastation brought upon our planet by invading alien forces. All that's left are Noah Wyle and his band of muted-tones-clad refugees. Check out a bunch of pictures from Spielberg's alien drama Falling Skies, which is coming to SDCC.

TNT announced that the Speilberg-produced alien resistance drama Falling Skies is coming to San Diego Comic Con. The show follows a college professor, Wyle, and his band of rebels who are fighting against the Earth's new alien overlords. Moon Bloodgood is also in this new series, playing an orphan therapist. They must all work together to fight the evil aliens — which we're hoping will finally be revealed at their SDCC panel on Friday July 23, at 4:45 PM.


Until then, here's a collection of stills of Wyle's battered and bruised militia:

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