Garish colors, screaming titles, smooth robots and bold, bulbous rockets — who could ask for more in a pulp cover? Of all the nations producing pulp fiction in the 20th century, Spain stands out for having the very best packaging for these tales of aliens and outer space.

Illustrations of Boixcar (Guillermo Sánchex Boix, 1917-1960) on the covers of El Mundo Futuro

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The Country of Robots, by Clark Carrados

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Covers of the shot-lived Futuro magazine, with foreign (mostly British) sci-fi stories, 1957

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Single-eyed creatures on covers printed between 1957 and 1960

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The Fifth Dimension

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Some covers of Hazañas de la juventud audaz (Feats of the Brave Youth), a series of stories written by George H. White (Pascual Enguídanos Usach), with graphic works of Matías Alonso, 1959-1960

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The Moon People

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Si los mundos chocan (When Worlds Collide), by Alf Regaldie and Las Estrellas Amenazan, by George White (Pascual Enguídanos Usach)

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