The time-travel cop show Continuum comes back to Canadian television on Sunday (and on June 7 on Syfy), for more paradoxically exciting action. And the show's producer, Simon Barry, sent us these exclusive (and gorgeous) VFX shots from season two.

What do you think we're seeing in that top image? It looks like a spacecraft of some sort — but maybe it's a futuristic police vehicle, or some kind of tower? Hard to tell.


Here's the official description for season two:

In search for answers, Kiera continues her uneasy alliance with Detective Carlos Fonnegra (Webster), and season two sees her grapple with the big question that closed the first season – why was she sent back in time? While Alec (Knudsen) struggles to understand the implications of the mysterious message he received from his future self, the Liber8 terrorists become more strategic and even more lethal as they seek to ward off what they see as the seeds of a disastrous future.

In the season two premiere entitled "Second Chances," an in-hiding Kiera must resurface and reunite with Carlos to solve a murder when the Mayor is killed in a brazen assassination. Trying to reconnect with Alec in an attempt to salvage their strained relationship, Kiera finds he’s changed since reading the message from his future self.

Here are three more exclusive VFX shots from Continuum season two:


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