2020 and Beyond: The Ever-Shifting Movie Release Dates Due to the Coronavirus

From left: Dune, Candyman, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and Wonder Woman 1984.
From left: Dune, Candyman, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and Wonder Woman 1984.
Image: Warner Bros. , Universal Studios, Sony Pictures

The novel coronavirus pandemic has reshaped the entertainment industry as we know it, with 2020 seeing countless movies and TV shows delayed. It can be hard to keep track of them all, so we’ve created this list of movie release changes (and delays) due to covid-19.


Note: This list, which also includes some 2021 movies that have yet to be rescheduled, will be updated as more delays are announced, as we expect them to continue for a while. As always, stay safe, wear a mask, and practice social distancing—and don’t return to indoor movie theaters until it’s safe. We’ll return one day, I promise.



Wonder Woman 1984

Release Date - December 25, 2020 (also on HBO Max): The long-awaited sequel to 2017's Wonder Woman has kept us waiting for a very long time, as audiences clamor to see Gal Gadot’s Diana of Themyscira face off against her arch-nemesis Cheetah (Kristen Wiig). (Previously: November 1 2019, December 13 2019, June 5 2020, August 14 2020, October 2 2020)



Release date - December 25 (on Disney+): Pixar’s latest animated saga is about a jazz musician who dies tragically and yearns to escape the afterlife. (Previously: June 19 2020, November 20 2020)

Monster Hunter

Release Date - December 25: Paul W.S. Anderson’s latest Capcom game adaptation takes on the venerable monster-slaying action RPG series, as a squad of U.S. soldiers (lead by Milla Jovovich as Captain Artemis) find themselves transported to a world of giant monsters.




Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway

Release date - January 15, 2021: This sequel to the CGI-animated film has James Corden returning as the rabbit who loves carrots and mischief. (Previously: April 3 2020)


Chaos Walking

Release date - January 21, 2021: Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley star in the post-apocalyptic sci-fi epic about a society where women have died out. Oh, and everyone can hear each others’ thoughts. (Previously: March 1 2019)



Release date - January 29, 2021: An animated film about a professional wrestling league where kaiju are the athletes, and a young girl is tasked with training the next big champion. (Previously: July 31 2020)




Release date - February 5, 2021: Camila Cabello stars in this latest musical adaptation of the classic fairy tale.


The King’s Man

Release date - February 12, 2021: It’s the origin story of the Kingsman service, centered around a diabolical plot involving some of history’s greatest villains. (Previously: November 15 2019, February 14 2020, September 18 2020)



Release Date - February 19, 2021: Keri Russell and Jesse Plemons star as siblings who learn that a young boy in their town is keeping a supernatural creature inside his house. (Previously: April 17 2020)



Tom and Jerry

Release Date - March 5, 2021: This live-action/animated hybrid take on the beloved cartoon stars sees Jerry running amok inside a glamorous hotel, with Tom being tasked with stopping him. (Previously: December 23, April 16 2021)


Raya and the Last Dragon

Release Date - March 12, 2021: In this animated adventure, Kelly Marie Tran stars as a warrior who goes out in search of the last dragon, in hopes of saving her world and its divided people. (Previously: November 25 2020)



Release Date - March 19, 2021: Jared Leto continues to do superhero movies for some reason, this time playing Marvel’s moody vampire. (Previously: July 10 2020, July 31 2020)



No Time to Die

Release Date - April 2, 2021: It’s Daniel Craig’s final turn as Bond, James Bond, before turning in his 007 badge and gun for good. (Previously: November 2019, February 2020, April 2020, November 12 2020)


Bob’s Burgers: The Movie

Release Date - April 9, 2021: The Belcher family is making its big screen debut in the musical extravaganza about making burgers, getting into shenanigans, and being a loving family. (Previously: July 17 2020)


A Quiet Place: Part II

Release Date - April 23, 2021: The sequel to 2018's surprise horror hit sees the return of Emily Blunt as the matriarch for a family trying to survive the post-apocalypse, caused by a bunch of aliens who hunt by sound. It was one of the first movies to be delayed because of the pandemic. (Previously: March 20 2020, September 4 2020)



Black Widow

Release Date - May 7, 2021: She might be dead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of Natasha’s story. Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow joins forces with people from her past after discovering a horrible secret about her super-spy origins. (Previously: May 1 2020, November 6 2020)


Godzilla vs. Kong

Release Date - May 21, 2021: Godzilla and King Kong fighting each other. Some humans will be there, presumably. (Previously: March 13 2020, May 22 2020, May 29 2020, November 20 2020)


Spiral: From the Book of Saw

Release Date - May 21, 2021: Jigsaw is back in the latest trip into the world of Saw, which sees Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson getting caught in the killer’s web. (Previously: May 15 2020, October 20 2020)



Release Date - May 28, 2021: At this point, you probably know enough about this series to figure out what’s coming next. (Previously: May 22 2020, April 2 2021)



Release Date - May 28, 2021: Emma Stone steps into the fashionable but deadly shoes of Cruella De Vil, exploring her origin story as an up-and-coming fashion designer who becomes obsessed with dog pelts. (Previously: December 23 2020)



Release Date - May 28, 2021: Mark Walberg stars as a man who discovers his so-called hallucinations are actually visions from his past lives. (Previously: August 7 2020)




Release Date - June 4, 2021: In this dark take on comic book films, a young boy crosses paths with a superhero long thought dead, played by Sylvester Stallone. (Previously: November 20 2020, December 11 2020)


The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Release Date - June 4, 2021: Ed and Lorraine Warren are back, this time investigating a case where someone claimed demonic possession as a legal defense. (Previously: September 11 2020)


Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Release Date - June 11, 2021: Mckenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard are siblings who move to an old farmhouse with their mom, only to discover their connection to the legendary Ghostbusters—and just in time, as a supernatural threat has hit their new hometown. (Previously: July 10 2020, March 5 2021)


Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Release Date - June 25, 2021: Tom Hardy returns in the sequel to Venom. Presumably, there will be Carnage. (Previously: October 2 2020)



Minions: The Rise of Gru

Release Date - July 2, 2021: Did you ever want an origin story about young Gru and his Minions? Well, here you go, you’re welcome. (Previously: July 3 2020)


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Release Date - July 9, 2021: Simu Liu stars as martial arts legend Shang-Chi, the latest Marvel Comics superhero to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Previously: February 12 2021, May 7 2021)


Space Jam: A New Legacy

Release Date - July 16, 2021: Come on and slam, and welcome (back) to the jam.


Release Date - July 16, 2021: It’s the long-delayed film adaptation of the Sony video game series starring Nathan Drake—this time with Tom Holland taking on a younger version of the famed treasure hunter. (Previously: The dawn of time.)



Release Date - July 23, 2021: The latest mysterious thriller from M. Night Shyamalan. (Previously: February 26 2021)


The Tomorrow War

Release Date - July 23, 2021: Noted sore loser Chris Pratt stars as a soldier who’s drafted into the future to help fight a war against an alien invasion. (Previously: December 25 2020)


Jungle Cruise

Release Date - July 30, 2021: Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson play adventurers in search of a legendary treasure, in the newest film based on a Disneyland attraction. (Previously: October 11 2019, July 24 2020)



The Suicide Squad

Release Date - August 6, 2021: James Gunn brings back several members of the original Suicide Squad, along with a few additions, in this revamped retelling that will pay homage to the origins of the DC Comics team.


Hotel Transylvania 4

Release Date - August 6, 2021: Genndy Tartakovsky is not returning to direct this latest vampiric adventure. (Previously: December 22 2021)



Release Date - August 27, 2021: Nia DaCosta helms this sequel to the classic horror film Candyman, which is set to tackle gentrification and the ongoing legacy of the Candyman. (Previously: June 12 2020, September 25 2020, October 16 2020)




Release Date - October 1, 2021: Denis Villeneuve’s blockbuster adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi novel stars Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides, the son of a duke who arrives on a new planet that will change his life—and the fabric of the universe—forever. (Previously: December 18 2020)


Halloween Kills

Release Date - October 15, 2021: Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie Strode in the latest Halloween film, which sees Laurie and her family once again tormented by Michael Myers. (Previously: October 16 2020)


Snake Eyes

Release Date - October 22, 2021: Henry Golding stars in this G.I. Joe spinoff about the masked ninja commando, played by Ray Park in previous G.I. Joe films. (Previously: March 27 2020, October 16 2020, October 23 2020)




Release Date - November 5, 2021: The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting cosmic with Eternals, about a group of immortal aliens who must protect humanity from the dreaded Deviants. (Previously: November 6 2020, February 12 2021)



Spider-Man 3

Release Date - December 17, 2021: Jamie Foxx is returning as Electro to face Tom Holland’s Spidey in a movie we have a feeling may be delayed (again) from this date, but here’s hoping. (Previously: July 16 2021, Nov 5 2021)


The Matrix 4

Release Date - December 22, 2021: We’re plugging back into the Matrix with a new film helmed by Lana Wachowski, which sees Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss strapping back into their pleather pants to save humanity from a race of artificially intelligent robots. (Previously: May 21 2021, April 1 2022)



Thor: Love and Thunder

Release Date - February 11, 2022: Taika Waititi and the gang from Thor: Ragnarok reunite for this sequel, with Natalie Portman returning to the series and MCU first-timer Christian Bale also joining the cast.


The Batman

Release Date - March 4, 2022: It’s possible you’ve heard a thing or two about one, featuring Robert Pattinson’s debut as the Caped Crusader. And since it’s not coming out for awhile now, get ready for a lot more speculation in the meantime. (Previously: June 25 2021, Oct 1 2021)


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Release Date - March 25, 2022: Sam Raimi is directing this one, which brings back Benedict Cumberbatch as the dimension-spanning Sorcerer Supreme.


Dungeons & Dragons

Release Date - May 27, 2022: The classic roleplaying game is finally getting a new movie adaptation, one that’s been in the works for at least five years now. Nothing is known about the project at this time, except that John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein are supposedly directing it. (Previously: November 19 2021)


Jurassic World: Dominion

Release Date: June 10, 2022: Fuck yeah, dinosaurs. (Previously: June 11 2021)

Removed From Schedule

Free Guy

No Release Date: Ryan Reynolds stars in this action-adventure about an NPC who figures out he’s in a video game, and tries to make his world a better place. It’s been taken off the schedule, with no set release date to replace it. (Previously: July 3 2020, December 11 2020)


Mortal Kombat

No Release Date: This reboot of the film series—based on the successful ‘90s video game franchise—is set to star Ludi Lin, Joe Taslim, and Jessica McNamee. (Previously: January 15 2021, March 5 2021)


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