2015 Could Be Coffee-Drinkers' Worst Year Yet

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Remember when we warned you last winter about what could happen to your morning cup of coffee if the drought in Brazil got any worse? Well, it got worse.


This year has been one of Brazil's driest. Early in the year, Brazilian coffee farmers began sounding the alarm over a potential coffee-shortage if wetter conditions didn't arrive. Now, with no new rain in sight, the crop appears to be withering and farmers are worried, with some saying that 2015 could see the lowest supplies of Brazilian coffee in the last 50 years.

Via Bloomberg:

With damage worsening before the start of spring in the Southern Hemisphere, Brazil's National Coffee Council has estimated that farmers may collect less than 40 million bags in 2015, creating the longest output slump in five decades. Starbucks Corp. and J.M. Smucker Co. raised retail prices this year after futures surged 61 percent in the first quarter.

Despite a pick-up in coffee production in Central America, Brazil is still the world's largest producer of coffee and their oncoming shortage already has coffee prices hitting their highest point in almost three years this week. That's not to say that your-much-needed java won't still be available, but the rising price may have a few coffee-drinkers considering this advice on how to brew the perfect cup of tea a little more closely.


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My coffee would have to triple in price before I would even consider replacing it with tea.

I mean, not that I dislike tea, I don't and drink it on occasion. But c'mon, it isn't coffee.

I wonder if they have coffee flavored tea...