This is a great time for the field of robotics. We've created robots that can traverse different worlds, made tanks controllable by goldfish, and even invented cyborg sperm. But nothing quite matches the beauty, the pure magnificence, of seeing a humanoid robot grind awkwardly on a stripper pole.

In days past, men would have to travel many miles to see a woman robotically, if not outright unenthusiastically, perform her craft on as stripper club stage. But think of how many boners mankind can achieve now that the process of lackluster pole-dancing has been automated?


These robots are programmable by Smartphone app, and according to the BBC will run you a cool $39,500, so think about that before you purchase that new car. They were designed by British artist Giles Walker, created by German developer Tobit Software, and brought to the CeBIT trade fair in Germany this past Monday. I can only assume Tobit's next project is to create another Smartphone app that allows patrons to digitally transmit one dollar bills to the robot's G-string.

[Via Topless Robot]