2001: A Flatware Odyssey

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The knives are little more than a slender metal wedge and the three-tined forks so narrow you can barely spear a green bean, but what Arne Jacobsen's stainless steel flatware lacks in functionality, it makes up in futuristic style. That's why it was featured in 2001. I own a set of this famous flatware, and have the backstory scoop on the most elegant utensils ever used in a science fiction film.

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Designed in 1957 as part of Jacobsen's down-to-the-smallest-detail plan for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, the cutlery was chosen by director Stanley Kubrick for a cameo role in 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). Visible for a few moments while the Jupiter Mission crew eat dinner and watch the news, Jacobsen's space-age design is still available today. It ain't cheap, but how else can you impress the new, improved generation of HAL supercomputers at your next dinner party?



You can get them from Georg Jensen. Sadly the SAS Radisson is not what (I suppose) it used to be. Exterior holds up (though there are much better Arne Jacobsen buildings in Denmark), but the interior has either aged terribly, or really been poorly looked after. Hotel is quite unremarkable now.