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Living up to its outdated title, British cult comic 2000AD is heading into 2008 by adopting technology equally un-new: The Adobe PDF. That's what you'll be getting if you sign up to the new downloadable version of the weekly anthology, which is like Japanese weekly comic anthology Shonen Jump except with storylines about Judge Dredd and the mutant Strontium Dog. 2000AD is also where comic book greats Grant Morrison and Alan Moore started back in the. The first PDF of the new book, the year-end Holiday Special, was designed to hook new readers with tons of "pilot episodes," but it could run into trouble.


2000AD's publishers, Rebellion, hope that this move will help the comic break into international markets where irregular distribution and expensive import costs have kept it from mainstream success. But with the $2.99 price tag, fan complaints that Rebellion ignored the easier (and more pirate-friendly) .cbr format, the PDF only had just over 500 downloads in the first two weeks of availability. So it's looking likely that this non-innovative innovation will be as successful for the title as Sly Stallone's lamentable Judge Dredd movie.

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