20 Years Later, Some Killer Starship Troopers Behind the Scenes Footage Is Now Online

Image: Google
Image: Google

One of the many reasons Paul Verhoeven’s 1997 film Starship Troopers still holds up is its blend of practical and digital effects. And while digital effect videos can obviously be entertaining, there’s something extra special about seeing a cool practical effect created. Especially 20 years after the fact.


To celebrate the film’s 20th anniversary, Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. dug into their archives and uploaded a five-minute video of their team creating a life-size, functional Warrior Bug from Starship Troopers. According to them, this footage has never been seen. And it is amazing. Check this out.

That bug is just a masterpiece. From its skin, the mechanics inside, to the painting and more. Plus you have to believe that having this real-life creator to go off of only helped improve the digital effects.

The only thing better than this video is that it’s listed as “Part One,” meaning the company has more archival footage from the production to present in the comings weeks and months. I say post ‘em all!

[Studio ADI via Bloody Disgusting]

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As one of the few who saw the movie in the theatres (twice!) back in 1997, and as one of the fewer who loved every minute of it, it is gratifying to see how much it has risen in stature in the last two decades. Expressing love for it was roller skating uphill two decades ago.