20 Total Bots In Transformers 2 — Including One Major Surprise

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The sequel to Michael Bay's supercar movie Transformers will up the ante, with 20 transforming robots total: 10 good bots and 10 evil ones, says writer Roberto Orci. And some new photos of the Transformers 2 filming may give some clues to which characters from the Transformers universe could be showing up, including some Chinese cop cars, and one autobot that you wouldn't have expected. Spoiler alert!


Jazz is back, bitches. Or at least that's what the internet rumor mill is claiming. Even though the evil Megatron snapped Jazz's robot spine in two in Transformers, TFW2005 reports that both Darius McCrary (the voice of Jazz) and a Pontiac Solstice have been spotted on the Transformers 2 set. Although Bay has denied Jazz's return, the rumors seem to be pointing to his resurrection. And Jazz should return. Transformers 2 will need the smack-talk and break dance transforming that only Jazz can give.

New set pictures from Philly show a Chevy Malibu Chinese police car, which could mean that the autbot Prowl has joined the Transformers team. Since it is a Chevy Malibu, which is from the corporate sponsored Transfomers car of choice, I'm inclined to agree. As far as bringing back other beyond-the-junkyard Transformers, I assume once the Decepticons figure out where the second all-spark is being hid on Earth they will obviously bring that big metal bastard Megatron back from his watery grave. And if they can bring Megatron back, then why not Jazz?


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The first one is watchable in a very "The Rock" sort of a way. Set the 'suspension of disbelief' on full and basically turn off your brain and you will enjoy it as a summer movie that it is. Just pure candy, with every woman in the Michael Bay universe is ridiculously good-looking and every man is a wise-cracking quick-witted individual.

Will this one be any better? It'll be formulaic, a monster summer movie with tons of big action and ridiculously hot women, so I will watch it anyway. Besides, Optimus Prime was our serogate father growing up.