To-do lists are a great way to plan your week, and it turns out they're also not a bad tool for futurists either. We've put together 20 to-do list items that anyone can use to stop environmental disaster, speed the invention of artificial intelligence, jumpstart a moon colony, and help everyone become posthuman. Usually it seems like ordinary people can't contribute to massive projects that require scientific minds as well as philosophers and other specialists. But there are actually a lot of things you can do. Over the past week we've posted four separate to-do lists for futurists, and now we bring them all together so you can print them out, tuck them in your pocket, and start checking items off to change the world.

To-Do Lists for Futurists:

1. Five ways to build an ecotopia, an urban space that exists in harmony with nature

Sure, recycling helps, but so does repurposing an old machine.


2. Five ways to contribute to the creation of artificial intelligence

You can help bring about machines with the ability to reason just by surfing the web.


3. Five ways to start planning for a future moon colony in your bedroom

From growing plants with LEDs to participating in a space elevator contest, there are a lot of things you can do to make that moon vacation in 2030 a reality.

4. Five ways to become posthuman by this time next year

A software download that makes your computer search for proteins that cure cancer while you sleep, and a tiny device that will make your body machine-readable tomorrow.