20 minute sneak peek at Harry Potter's real-world theme park

Illustration for article titled 20 minute sneak peek at Harry Potters real-world theme park

Haven't made it down Florida to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter for yourself? Then check out this very detailed video peek at the new park, stuffed with concept art, pictures and cast interviews.


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Project Thanatos

I'm a Florida resident and have been to Universal numerous times during this things construction.

First thing that comes to mind while I saw this being built: HUGE.

They really went all out for this thing. They expanded the Universal and Islands of Adventure lot for this. The only downside was that a large portion of the Adventure/Fantasy segment of Islands of Adventure is being refurbished into Harry Potter world. Luckily they kept Dueling Dragons though. Next to the Hulk its the best roller coaster in the theme park. Correction: In Orlando.

Also.. Michael Bay and Transformer was mentioned... is there a Transformers attraction I don't know about?