20 Marvel Heroes Who Deserve A Shot At The Movie Big Time

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If Marvel really wants to make four movies a year, then they're going to have to dig deep into their toybox to find enough characters to fill them. Luckily, we're here to help out with some suggestions.


First off, let's remember that Marvel doesn't have access to all of their own characters when it comes to movies; Fox have the rights to the X-Men characters, the Fantastic Four and certain related characters, and the Daredevil franchise, while Sony will doubtless do everything it can to keep hold of the hugely-successful Spider-Man license. So where does that leave Marvel? Well, with plenty of other characters, it seems... Here are our suggestions, complete with high concept pitches to sell them to the execs, and split out into genres:

Trippy SF


You're welcome, Marvel.

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No female superheroes except teenybopper Hellcat (gag) and minor roles in a few teams? She-Hulk, Spiderwoman, Ms. Marvel, Black Widow? Um... Dazzler?