A pair of fisherman hauled in this Jaws-sized monster from Mexico's Sea of Cortez. This great white shark was only five feet short of Steven Spielberg's monster, but still big enough to devour any swimming plans we had this summer.


Reports have this twenty-foot sea giant weighing in at 2,000 pounds. The fishermen who found this dead goliath initially mistook it for a particularly large haul. According to GrindTV:

The shark was dead when it was brought to the surface. The fishermen, whose skiff measures 22 feet and is powered by a 75-horsepower outboard, required an hour to tow the carcass two miles to the coast. About 50 people helped drag the behemoth onto dry sand [...] It remains unclear what the fishermen did with the shark, but scientists were hoping to obtain tissue samples for study.

California State marine biologist Christopher Lowe further elaborates that great whites aren't a completely rare find for the area:

While it's unusual that fishermen will land sharks that large, the occurrence of large adult white sharks is not uncommon for Gulf waters [...] In fact, several satellite tagged sharks from California and Guadalupe Island [west of Baja California] have traveled into the gulf. So we know they are there.

And lest we forget, here's that infamous Jaws clip in which the crew of the Orca sizes up their 25-foot pal (who does have about 2 tons on this baby, but still, that's a mighty big fish). We salute you king (or queen) of the sea!


Images from the Fishing Boards at Sancarlosmexico.com by PQ Almada.