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2 Pounds Dry Ice + Sink Full of Water = Your Daily Dose of Catharsis

Here for enjoying from the comfort of your chair is a classic science demonstration: CrazyRussianHacker host Taras Kulakov, dipping two pounds of dry ice into a sink full of water to demonstrate the dynamics of warm and cold air.


Do not try this from your home or office — large volumes of carbon dioxide in an unventilated space is a decidedly awful idea.

Cool, right? Chase this with a little brain teaser: If heat rises, why does temperature drop at higher elevations?

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Oh god...the knife and the ice...please for the love of all that is sacred NOOOO!!!!

And then he did anyway, and every hair on my porcine body stood straight on end.

EDIT: Did that fool REALLY just lie down in a cloud of non-breathable gas?!?!?