2 clips from Doctor Who's fall premiere will only leave you with more questions

Warning: You might not have realized how much you've missed Rory's snarky pessimism, until you watch this clip from "Let's Kill Hitler," Doctor Who's midseason premiere. Also, you may be left with gnawing questions that will eat you alive for the next eight days.


Like, they're trapped inside a giant robot what? And what the blazes are those robot jellyfish anyway?

Here's another clip, that will open up a whole slew of bewildering questions as well:

Doctor Who returns August 27 on BBC and BBC America.


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The Doctor's TARDIS

These short previews does just leave me very, very frustrated... I think more than the "coming next time" previews we usually get. Here we got partial scenes, and these look to be very tightly written with TOO much information packed into every episode!

But overall, I'm THRILLED that the show is returning in 9 days!! The Doctor Who series continuation, and the final episodes of Torchwood: Miracle Day has be running on overload right now! It's quite exciting! Don't forget about the 3 episodes of the Sarah Jane Adventures they've already filmed and which will be shown this autumn in memory of Elisabeth Sladen, and then Misfits and Being Human (UK and US) in winter!

And of course, about 1 month from now, we have Fringe coming back for season 4! Lots of good sci-fi in the future!