1st Edition Of The Hobbit Sells For £137,000

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A pristine copy of J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel The Hobbit has sold at auction for a record £137,000 (just over $213,000 US), more than double the record for the previous record, set in 2008.

One reason for the high price? Tolkien signed the copy for Katherine Kilbride, a student of Tolkien’s in the 1920s.

Tolkien inscribed only a “handful” of presentation copies of The Hobbit on its publication, said Sotheby’s, with CS Lewis also a recipient. Kilbride’s includes an inscription by the author in Old English, identified by John D Rateliff, author of The History of The Hobbit, as an extract from Tolkien’s The Lost Road. This time-travel story, in which the world of Númenor and Middle-earth were linked with the legends of many other times and peoples, was abandoned by the author incomplete.


Color us very, very jealous.

via The Guardian.

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I’ve read before that the first edition of the Hobbit had a different form of Riddles in the Dark. Like, Bilbo won, and Gollum promised to give him the Ring as a gift (but instead voluntarily showed him the way out). Also, there were mentions of real world places like China and stuff.

I’m not sure how true all of that is though.