1980s Star Wars Underoos commercial ruins the original trilogy

Remember when underoos were cool? These dancing kids will put a stop to that notion. Watch in horror as movie merchandising goes too far. Starring the stripper from Under Siege!


Yep, Erika Eleniak is the C-3PO dancer.

Via Laughing Squid.


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Wait a second. C-3P0 says to Artoo that Underoos are "for Earthlings". How are the droids aware of Earth? Our planet exists a long time in their future in a galaxy far, far away. Presumably, then, every character in the Underoos commercial is aware of us. Boba Fett's been fed to the Sarlaac, so that just leaves the droids - and they're theoretically immortal, if we can assume they have access to a reliable source of parts.

Damn, people. They're here on Earth. Why didn't they stop the prequels?