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1980 Rocky Horror spoof cast Ronald Reagan as Dr. Frank-N-Furter

On a dark and stormy night, two liberal kids named Brad and Janet seek help at a mansion after their car breaks down. But they quickly discover that the occupants want to seduce them — to become conservatives. That's the premise behind the bizarre Rocky Horror spoof, The Ronnie Horror Picture Show.


This video comes to us all the way from the year 1980, from ABC's sketch comedy show Fridays. At first, the idea of casting Reagan conservatives as the Transylvanians may seem like a cheap excuse to put a Reagan imitator in a garter belt, but the earnestness of the players and well crafted song lyrics make it work, especially as Reagan turns from Frank-N-Furter to Frankenstein.

It certainly won't line up with everyone's politics, but it's worth a gander, if only to see Larry David as...well, I won't spoil the surprise.


[via MetaFilter]

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Benny Gesserit

Man. It's a like a prehistoric episode of "Glee", no?