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1964 Teen Mag Predicts Inflatable Sofas, Glass Houses, and GPS

Illustration for article titled 1964 Teen Mag Predicts Inflatable Sofas, Glass Houses, and GPS

Co-ed was "The High School Magazine for Homemakers" from the 1950s to 1970s. In 1966, it took a peek at future household technology. Home computers figured prominently ("Imagine having a mechanical secretary to keep budgets, figure your income tax, or plan your menus!"), along with home video recorders. Not surprisingly, the balance of the items featured in the article "Tuning in Tomorrow" were aimed at the future housewives of America.

  • The Groceries Come to You! A trip to the store will be aided by "memory belts" that could "learn" and "remember" coded information. This "could mean that you would step up to a switchboard, push the proper buttons-and the items you select would come to you on a conveyor belt."
  • Glass Houses! "House-making machines" might "drive up to your lot and wind endless fine threads of glass to make a cone- or mushroom-shaped house. It's possible that your may one day look back to your ‘square' teen years, when you lived in a cube instead of a curved house."
  • Inflatable Sofas! "Easy-go furnishings, things that can be transferred with little effort, will be necessities for your mobile family. You might own an inflatable sofa that can be folded up inside a small cabinet, tables that can be collapsed, expanded, raised, or lowered, . . . storage pieces that become suitcases."
  • Big Brother Watches Little Brother! "In the future portable TV cameras will establish complete communication throughout the house. . . . Metal reception tags will be sewn inside a child's clothing and a family radarscope will ‘beep' his presence within a ten-block area."

And my favorite innovation:

  • "Picture yourself making draperies from a can of ‘fiber spray'!" Because who cares about a jetpack when curtains come in a can?

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"In the supermarket, you may order by pushing buttons"

Of course, it'll still be woman's work.