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1960s Retrofuture Short Film Inspired By The Oldest Story About Robots

Karel Čapek's seminal 1919 play R.U.R. coined the term "robot" and was set 50 years in the future, making it 1969. Chase Masterson of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine stars in R.U.R.: Genesis, set in a flirty 1960s retrofuture where artificials conspire against humans.


Writer and director James Kerwin has plans for a feature-length R.U.R. movie with this swinging setting. He's hoping the fun short can garner enough interest to fund a longer movie.

Chase Masterson Stars in New Retro Sci-Fi Short R.U.R.: GENESIS [TrekMovie via GeekTyrant]

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Erik Sofge

There's nothing in this short that resembles the play. Not in tone, inspiration, or intent.

R.U.R. is relentlessly grim and claustrophobic, blatantly political, and weird to the point of surreal (esp. in the last scene). It's a fever dream about class warfare. This is just a groovy, campified BSG.

If this is what Masterson has been hoping to do with RUR for all these years...yikes.