Some heroes bare their souls in the midst of their epic adventures. And some heroes just bare, well, everything. Science fiction and fantasy is full of hilariously weird moments of naked truth — and here are the 19 funniest nude scenes of all time. It's work-safe!

Note: We didn't include any actual porn in this, nor did we include any scary or horrible nude scenes from supernatural horror movies, even if those might have been funny in their own way. We tried to stick to good-natured, non-shame-oriented nude scenes, although a few of these are kinda embarrassing for the people involved.


1) Firefly - "Trash"

The story begins with a naked Mal sitting on a rock in a desert, staring pensively into the distance while ruefully quipping: "Yeah, that went well." Subsequent flashbacks explain why he's on a desert planet sans clothing: a vengeful Saffron stranded him there on purpose as payback for seeing her naked in a previous episode. At the end of the episode, totally unashamed, he has a casual chat with Inara, strides on to the ship, gives a few orders, banters with his crew...all without bothering to clothe himself.


2) An American Werewolf in London


The titular Yank lycanthrope - played by David Naughton - wakes up naked in a zoo after an active night of transformation. Hilarity ensues once he attempts to negotiate the acquisition of modesty balloons with a nearby child ("A naked American man stole my balloons").

3) Doctor Who - "Bad Wolf"

Jack Harkness: What's a defabricator?

[His clothes are vaporized]

Jack Harkness: Okay, defabricator, does exactly what it says on the tin. Am I naked in front of millions of viewers?

Zu-Zana, Trine-e: Absolutely.

Jack Harkness: Ladies, your viewing figures just went up.

4) Mystery Men

The hapless Invisible Boy's invisibility powers only work when no one is looking at him — plus he has to take his clothes off, since they're still visible. [Thanks to everyone who corrected our earlier statement that his clothes fall off.] This leads to less-than impressed reactions from his fellow superheroes ("Maybe you should put some shorts on or something if you want to keep fighting evil today")


5) Supernatural - "My Bloody Valentine"

Cupid is a lowly cherub in the Supernatural universe and, in keeping with the brand, manifests naked in his first encounter with Dean, Sam and Castiel. Some perturbation is caused by the fact that the naked cherub's preferred form of greeting is an enthusiastic bear hug.


6) Buffy the Vampire Slayer - "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered"


Some inadvisable spellcasting turns Buffy into a rat and, as the situation works itself out, she transforms back - sans clothes - in front of Oz. Thankfully, werewolf Oz is somewhat accustomed to waking up naked in strange locations and, as a result, sees the silver lining.

Buffy: "I seem to be having a slight case of nudity here."

Oz: "But you're not a rat, so call it an upside."

7) The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Uma Thurman's first appearance in this movie — as the goddess Venus — is a marvel of surreal humor. Referencing Botticelli's famous painting, she emerges naked from a gigantic clamshell, complete with tresses of strategically positioned hair. Bonus points for the reaction shots from Eric Idle and John Neville.


8) The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The shot-in-silhouette sex scenes between Brad, Janet and the deviously shapeshifting Franknfurter are a couple of the film's comedic highlights. It's Brad's whitebread outrage contrasted with Franknfurter's gleeful wheedling that really makes the bits work.


9) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


Johanna Mason strips down in an elevator, prompting varied reactions from those around her. Special props to Jennifer Lawrence's silently expressive grimaces.

10) Misfits - 'Two'


Nathan has met a great girl named Ruth and even manages to kiss her — only for her attention to stray when Jeremy, his mum's well-endowed boyfriend, runs past them naked. Looking to confirm his suspicion that Jeremy is a werewolf, Nathan pursues him. But Nathan soon blindsides him and proceeds to... sniff him, lick him and generally behave in a manner unbecoming of a werewolf. Later, when Nathan confronts Jeremy ("George Michael gets away with this shit but he used to be in Wham! Who are you?"), it turns out that the latter simply experiences spells of time in which he believes he's a dog, a 'power' prompted by memories of his beloved childhood pet!

11) Fantastic Four #512


Spider-Man and Johnny Storm are incognito at a water park, when they're attacked by Hydro-Man, in this storyline by Mark Waid, Mike Wieringo, Karl Kesel and Paul Smith. The villain feels unfairly persecuted by the superheroes and dishes out water-based payback, directing his attention at Spider-Man. When Storm tries to help, a waterslide above him explodes and douses him with a torrent of water that also happens to knock his (FF-logo-branded) trunks off. The issue's final full-page illustration is faintly surreal, featuring Johnny Storm naked in a pool surrounded by kids, screaming "I HAVE NO PANTS!"

12) Doctor Who - "The Time of the Doctor"


The Matt Smith era of Doctor Who could best be described as "the Doctor's naked time." In particular, he has a pretty fantastic shower scene in "The Lodger," and also hides naked under a lady's skirts in "The Impossible Astronaut." But most notably, in the Eleventh Doctor's swansong, he and Clara visit a religious cult where everybody is naked (but wears holographic projectors to appear fully clothed.) Alas, when the Doctor goes to visit Clara's family for Christmas dinner, he's still naked but hasn't turned the holographic projector on.

13) Transmetropolitan


This Vertigo comics title by Warren Ellis features a ton of nudity from protagonist Spider Jerusalem, a lot of which is hilarious. In fact, the series opens with his naked self holed up in a cabin, his genitals concealed by a massive Alan-Moore-esque beard, stewing in paranoia and drug-fueled mania.

14) The X-Files - "Je Souhaite"

This episode puts together an inspired invisibility gag after a pair of dimwitted brothers encounter a genie. One of them strips naked and asks for invisibility and, upon getting his wish, runs out and (after tripping over his own invisible feet) sees a pair of attractive women across a highway. He saunters towards them... only to be hit by a truck.


15) Galaxy Quest


This one is a bit of an edge case, since it's not total nudity — but early in the film, a pantsless Jason Nesmith bends over to search for his shoes, presumably revealing his assorted bits to the reverent Thermians as they talk about how much of an honor it is to meet him. He is, however, wearing a shirt, so we may be stretching things a bit here.

16) Star Trek: The Next Generation - "Menage a Troi"


Deanna Troi and her mother Lwaxana are brought through a transporter by the Ferengi, but without their clothes. Lwaxana is none too pleased: "Even their transporters can't be trusted."

17) The Jaguar (Impact Comics)

This one might be a bit too mean, but it's still pretty funny. The Jaguar is an old Archie Comics superhero with animalistic powers. And during her 1990s Impact run, there's a storyline where her roommate discovers her Jaguar costume hidden in the closet, and decides to pretend that she's the Jaguar, to cash in on the hero's fame. So the roommate, wearing the Jaguar costume, gets herself a television appearance, not realizing that the costume magically appears on the real Jaguar whenever there's trouble. And in fact, the Jaguar discovers a crisis that needs her intervention and summons her costume — just as her roommate steps in front of the cameras, strikes an animalistic pose, and says "Grrr! I'm the Jaguar!" Only to realize the costume has vanished. (Thanks @CraigimusMax!)


18) Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Episode 2


Douglas Adams himself appears nude in the episode's hilarious opening sequence, walking into the sea after discarding his money and clothing, illustrating the voiceover's philosophizing about how life should never have left the oceans. (The actor who was supposed to do that scene was sick, so Adams volunteered to risk hypothermia.)

19) Doctor Who, "The Time Monster"


And finally, one more Doctor Who example, because this show is basically just nonstop funny nudity. In this 1972 time-traveling epic, various time-based shenanigans happen, including the Brigadier getting frozen in a moment of time for a few episodes. And poor Sergeant Benton gets turned into a baby, which a group of hapless scientists try to bottlefeed and so on. Until at the end of the story, the Doctor sets everything right — and Sergeant Benton is restored to normal. He stands up, stark naked, and says to the assembled crew, "Would somebody please mind telling me exactly what's happening around here?"

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