WandaVision's Behind the Scenes Video Teases What's to Come (and That Gorgeous Retro Kitchen)

Wanda’s kitchen is lovely, hands down. Or up here, rather.
Wanda’s kitchen is lovely, hands down. Or up here, rather.
Screenshot: Marvel Studios

Sure, sure, we’re all interested in just what weirdness WandaVision’s first two episodes is cooking up for our titular sorceress and synthezoid. But also? We’re interested in cooking of a more literal sense.


Marvel’s dropped a brief new featurette going behind the scenes on the making of WandaVision, and while the primary focus of the short clip is on the process of making the black-and-white sitcom pastiches in the first and second episodes of the show, there are some teasing hints as to the wider weirdness we’re given hints of as to what’s going on outside of Westview.

Mostly, it’s in getting hints of the mysterious organization Teyonah Parris’ Monica Rambeau is seemingly working with and some tiny glimpses of Monica attempting to breach “WandaVision.” Plus more of that mysterious beekeeper the duo saw skulking out of Westview’s sewers in episode two.

That’s all good and fair, but also: can we just take a second to appreciate seeing Wanda’s gorgeous 1950s kitchen in all its powder blue and wood-accented glory? With its debut episodes almost entirely in black-and-white, it almost comes as a shock to see shots in here from filming where everything is, obviously not. It further highlights all of the cutesy details that went into nailing that aesthetic, even knowing some of it would be lost in the series’ grayscale color palette. Also? Bonus points for the live studio audience providing the laugh track being dressed in what looks like period-appropriate costume. Entirely unnecessary? Totally. Delightful? Absolutely.

WandaVision’s first two episodes are streaming now.


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When I watched it I kept thinking there’s probably nothing red in there despite it being Wanda’s colour and I’m glad I was right. They kept true red until their world get changes.

SPOILER for second episode

I’m also impressed by doing all this for just one episode. The interior is already different in the second one from the beginning. We notice changes in colour much more than shapes so it’s not obvious until the colour comes out. Just like Wanda’s clothes it already jumped to the next era.