Watch Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter Discuss the Challenge of Playing Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.
Image: Warner Bros.

Two actresses, one iconic superhero. Gal Gadot and Lynda Carter have both played a major role in keeping Wonder Woman a major pop culture figure, and now they’ve sat down together for a short, compelling chat on the experience.


On Instagram, Gadot and Carter chat about becoming Wonder Woman, how they approach the role, and what it meant to them. Carter played a huge role in shaping the way the character would be adapted later on, and she talks here about the choice to play the character as a serious figure, not a cartoon character, but a powerful inspiration. “My main objective was that women would love her,” she said.

And Gadot, for her part, talks about her getting cast, which involved her screaming on an airplane, as well as her own thoughts on Wonder Woman as a character. Both actresses clearly care a lot about this character, and their connection over it is a pleasure.

Wonder Woman 1984 is streaming on HBO Max.

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She looks sensational. She’s pushing 70. I know this must require surgery, but it’s still stunning to me.