Sci-Fi Short Alone Packs All the Drama of a Feature Into 20 Minutes

Kaya Torres (Steph Barkley) surveys unfamiliar surroundings.
Kaya Torres (Steph Barkley) surveys unfamiliar surroundings.

Marooned after a disaster on her ship, alone and dangerously close to a black hole, Kaya Torres (Steph Barkley) sends a distress call into the void—and is shocked when a similarly lonesome stranded traveler named Hammer (Thomas Wilson Brown) responds. In Alone, we see the surprising outcome of this chance meeting.

Directed by William Hellmuth from a script by J. Scott Worthington, Alone manages to craft a world that feels authentically lived-in, with performances that give us fully-realized characters (despite their contained environments) and a story rooted in emotions (and twists!) that feel well-earned—all within a runtime that’s just under 20 minutes.


Alone made its online debut yesterday, watch it now so you can brag about being an O.G. fan when all the talents involved go on to even bigger projects.

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Hi all! Writer/EP for ALONE here. I’m happy to answer any questions, talk shop, or otherwise joke about the good/bad science of our scrappy little short film. And special thanks to Cheryl, and Gizmodo, for spotlighting us... We’re beyond grateful!