Do Not Adjust Your Dial, The Kirlian Frequency Is Back With 2 Spooky New Episodes

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It’s been almost a year since we got a new episode of The Kirlian Frequency, Cristian Ponce and Hernán Bengoa’s eerie series of animated radio broadcasts from an off-the-map town where there’s always some new supernatural trouble stirring. Over the weekend, fans got a spooky surprise: two new episodes.

First up, episode seven, “Los Invasores” (“The Invaders”), in which aliens pay a visit to Kirlian and find out what happens when you abduct a human who’s already got some serious paranormal static going on in their life:

The second release, however, is a little different. While the city of Kirlian awaits what’s been ominously teased as the “night of the comet,” The Kirlian Frequency hits pause on its timeline with this “listener-created” episode, “Arcade Arcano” (“Arcane Arcade”). The listeners in this case are a young couple who record their segment from Kirlian’s cursed video arcade, which allows the series to have fun with some old-school game graphics.


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Who does the music for these?  Specifically the first video?  It’s amazing.