Anything Can Happen in the Halloween Gif Party

It’s amazing how many things can happen on Halloween.
Image: ITV Central

Happy All Hallows Eve Eve! It’s a time when anything can happen—your dog might even turn into a cat. We’re celebrating this unholiest of days with a Friday gif party. But be warned: These ghosts and ghouls get into it.


Be sure to leave your favorite dancing or party gif in the comments. Bonus points for including tricks, treats, or any combination thereof. I know some of you are gonna want to include David S. Pumpkins and you know what I’m totally cool with it. Forget the haters who say David S. Pumpkins is over, I say his reign is just beginning. The skeletons are part of it!

Let’s be honest: 2020 is weird. Most of us aren’t doing much on Halloween. I didn’t even make a costume this year. But sometimes, when times are tough, you’ve just gotta dance it out. So let’s do that.

Party on, witches.
Image: Netflix

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