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The Force Is Strong with the Friday Gif Party

I’m finally going to Batuu!
Image: Electronic Arts

Another weekend, another lost convention. Star Wars Celebration might have been canceled this year, but the Friday gif party is here to, well, celebrate everything Star Wars. Grab your lightsaber and let’s begin!


Be sure to leave your greatest “It’s Friday!” party gifs in the comments below. This week’s Bonus Points challenge is everything and anything Star Wars. From the original trilogy to the latest news that we’re getting a Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge expansion for The Sims, there’s a lot to be psyched about from that galaxy far, far away. And yes, one of you can use the “I’m Solo” Han Solo dancing meme from Kinect Star Wars. But only one of you. Let the games begin.

Porgs know how to get down.
Image: Disney

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Trek is better than Wars. Suck it, nerds.