The Mandalorian's First Tie-In Novel Has Been Delayed

The Mandalorian.
The Mandalorian.
Image: Disney Plus (Other)

But only by a bit.

The Mandalorian is slowly integrating itself into the broader Star Wars expanded universe, as each new Star Wars production does nowadays, with a set of art books, children’s books, and tie-in novels announced recently, called by “The Mandalorian Publishing Program.” Well, one novel, actually—a tie-in novel written by Adam Christopher and published by Del Rey.


A tie-in novel based on The Mandalorian is more intriguing than a lot of other Star Wars books because of how deliberately sparse the show is, giving us some lore but largely leaving a lot up to the imagination. A full novel’s worth of story could give a compelling insight into the Mando’s corner of the universe, expanding it in a way that the TV show will probably take a lot of time to fully do. Unfortunately, it’s been delayed.

While originally slated for sometime next spring, the book is now set to come out in the fall 0f 2021. This news comes from the Star Wars Books Twitter account maintained by Del Rey.

This means that the novel will now likely be released either between the second or third seasons or concurrent with the third season, depending on what production times are going to be like for shows continuing later into the pandemic (however long it goes on). Not a lot of details are out there about the novel, except that it will be written by Adam Christopher, who also contributed a short story to the A Certain Point of View anthology.

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with everything happening in the world right now this is a good move...take your time with this, what fans seem to want from The Manalorian is less story, more cliches, and much shorter episodes...getting all that into a form that can properly be called a ‘novel’ isn’t easy.