Now Universal's Halloween Horror Nights Is Canceled, Too

Halloween Horror Nights won’t happen in 2020.
Halloween Horror Nights won’t happen in 2020.
Photo: Universal Studios

Covid-19 has already taken all the joy from our lives, so now it’s moving onto the horror. Universal Studios theme parks announced today that their popular, awesome, Halloween Horror Nights events have been canceled for 2020.

At California’s Universal Studios Hollywood, where the theme park has yet to reopen since closing down earlier this year, this isn’t necessarily a surprise. In Orlando, Florida, though, where the park has reopened under new health guidelines, it’s a bit more surprising.

In the joint statement, Universal acknowledged that Orlando “will be focusing exclusively on operating its theme parks for daytime guests, using the enhanced health and safety procedures already in place.” Here’s the full statement.


For anyone who may be unfamiliar, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios is basically when the park is transformed at night into a haunted attraction. Live performers walk around and scare you, some traditional rides are given a horror spin, and, most importantly, massive, amazingly detailed mazes themed to major horror franchises are put in place for fans to walk through and be scared by. You can read some of our recent coverage of the event at these links.

To be fair, this is probably for the best. Having people jump into your personal space—even if they are wearing masks of a different kind—probably isn’t the best idea for the tense state we’re all currently living in.


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It’s going to be interesting to see who tries to make Halloween happen this year. Like, stores can’t possibly be planning to actually stock all that candy....right?