In Our First Look at Zack Snyder's Justice League, Wonder Woman Faces the Myth of Darkseid

Say hello to your New God.
Say hello to your New God.
Image: Warner Bros.

Darkseid Is, and most importantly, Darkseid is here.

Just a few short weeks after confirming that he would begin work on turning out his very own version of Justice League, Zack Snyder has released our first teasery glimpse of what fans can expect out of his extended cut of the movie. The answer is for JL’s big bad Steppenwolfto... steppenwolf aside, because the overarching setup here is that Darkseid will play a huge role.

The clip sees Gal Gadot’s Diana of Themiscyra exploring what looks like an ancient ruin, only to be confronted with a mural depicting the master of Apokolips himself—before the cutting to an extended shot of the actual New God at the head of his (presumably parademonic) army, a shot Snyder previously teased.


We’ll see more of Snyder’s Justice League cut this August, during Warner Bros.’ DC Fandome online event, ahead of it streaming on HBO Max some time next year.


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I feel like every article about this needs to remind people this isn’t a “directors cut” because Snyder isn’t assembling his dream from the footage that got left out or redone...

He’s literally shooting new stuff, writing new content, in large part as a reaction to the initial blowback to Justice League and with lessons learned from Endgame. Meaning whatever his original vision was...this isn’t it.

Dude is going to just lift notes right from Endgame, starting with a shot of Darkseid and his army that looks like a shot right out of the final battle against Thanos.