Patrick Wilson Signs On to Fight the Moon in Roland Emmerich's Moonfall

It’s coming for us.
It’s coming for us.
Photo: Laurent Emmanuel (Getty Images)

Roland Emmerich has, in his time, made a lot of ridiculous disaster movies. He had mankind take on aliens. Godzilla. Giant spiders. The Mayan apocalypse. And now, he’s preparing to guide humanity through a trial with its greatest foe yet: the moon.


As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Patrick Wilson (Aquaman) will be signing on alongside Halle Berry and Josh Gad to star in Moonfall, Emmerich’s latest project. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard from this film—it’s been in the works for years—but now, for some reason, Hollywood has decided that the thing we need as a distraction from our mounting real problems is another, larger, very moon-shaped problem. I don’t get it, but I do respect it. Kind of.

Charlie Plummer (Looking for Alaska) also signed on to join the film, which is set to start production in Montreal in the fall, with distribution handled by Lionsgate. The plot, as described by THR, has a sort of demented Armageddon vibe to it, chronicling a “ragtag team” of astronauts sent to stop the moon, which has, for mysterious reasons, been unseated from its orbit and is now on a collision course with the Earth.

Emmerich will be financing and producing the film independently. It’s tentatively slated for 2021.

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So, the premise is 'what if Seveneves, only stupid?'