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The First Star Wars Game Show Is Coming and the Trailer Is Here

The first-ever Star Wars game show is upon us.
The first-ever Star Wars game show is upon us.
Photo: Lucasfilm

Next week, every Star Wars fan will wish they were a kid again.

That’s because on June 3, Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge will finally be released to the world. Hosted by Ahmed Best (aka Jar Jar Binks himself), the show is very much like the kids’ game shows many of us grew up with: Double Dare, Endurance, Guts, etc. Except this time, it’s all Star Wars.


The show was supposed to debut on Disney+ but those plans clearly changed. It actually works out better though, because Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge will instead live on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel, which is free and available to all. No subscription required.


Here’s the trailer.

The thing that shocked me most about actually seeing this show in action was its scale. There are so many big sets and so many cool props. It almost feels like an even more epic version of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, except in this world, you can really bend things to your well.

Two episodes of Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge will debut on June 3 with new episodes coming every week after that.

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Nice to see Ahmed Best having fun and doing well given his candidness regarding his depression over you-know-what.