AMC Will Sink Its Teeth Into Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles

AMC is welcoming some vampires to its zombie-heavy slate.
AMC is welcoming some vampires to its zombie-heavy slate.
Image: AMC

While it initially seemed as if a new adaptation of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles was set to make its way to Hulu, fate (read: AMC) apparently had other, more bewitching plans in mind.

Today, AMC announced that it’s secured the exclusive rights to produce projects based on Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles and The Lives of the Mayfair Witches, two series consisting of 18 different books, including Interview With the Vampire and The Witching Hour. According to the network, it now has the rights to greenlight production of series and films under the AMC Studios brand, and Rice and her son Christopher will serve as co-executive producers on all future projects.

“It’s always been my dream to see the worlds of my two biggest series united under a single roof so that filmmakers could explore the expansive and interconnected universe of my vampires and witches,” Anne Rice said in the statement. “That dream is now a reality, and the result is one of the most significant and thrilling deals of my long career.”


Though AMC also announced that Friday Night Lights showrunner Rolin Jones would be directly involved in upcoming adaptations of Rice’s work, the network didn’t specify exactly which story we might expect to see on the small screen first. But given how a new depiction of Lestat seemed to be the focus of much of the buzz around a new Vampire Chronicles, it stands to reason that it won’t be long before he graces us with his presence.

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Arcanum Five

Goddammit. When I said I wanted the entertainment industry to move off of zombies, I didn’t mean go back to vampires.