In a New Clone Wars Clip, Rex and Ahsoka Just Jam That Knife Right Into Your Chest

Image: Lucasfilm

They can’t keep getting away with this. At least they’re running out of opportunities to do so, right?


There are just two episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars left, and with its dramatic finale set to air earlier-than-planned on Disney+ next Monday on May 4 (yes, yes, you know why), this could be the last little tidbit of a teaser we ever get for the show.

So it’s perhaps only fitting they made it a real good one, if you’re okay with just, like? Having a lot of feelings? About the Star War? And the Clone War?

Taken from this week’s episode, “Shattered,” the clip is perhaps a perfect encapsulation of everything this final season of Clone Wars has been about; a conversation between Rex and Ahsoka (the most enduring bond of this entire show, one that we know lives on beyond it) that touches upon how the Clones feel they exist as the literal weapons of a war everyone is now tired of, Ahsoka’s own lingering resentments over what the Jedi Order has become because of it. But above all, a reminder that these two will stick through all those dark thoughts and dark times as they have always done.

Even as we know what is to come. Even as we know what is happening in the background of all this. If this is a taste of what we can expect as Clone Wars’ final end draws ever closer, we’re going to be in for one hell of a time.


Clone Wars’ latest hits Disney+ this Friday, May 1, before returning May 4 for one last time.

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aside from the first season-ish, this show has been simply some of the best television, let alone genre television, let alone star wars content that’s been made. for me CW, mando, TLJ and R1 show how good star wars can be when you let actual auteurs near it, instead of the confusion of Lucas’ prequels and the pablum of the Abrams movies. star wars, freed of skywalkers and good.bad dichotomies that it sucks at, lives really really well in the grey. i just wish more of the movies had figured that out.