Sex Education's Horny Romeo and Juliet Space Opera Is Even Better Uncut

Romeo and Juliet, as performed by the cast of Sex Education.
Image: Netflix

Netflix’s Sex Education truly outdid itself in its second season finale. The bulk of its cast came together for an epic retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in the form of a hormone-drenched musical put on by a bunch of horny teens with only the most elementary understanding of how sex actually works.


What the school’s production of the Bard’s classic tale lacked in strict textual accuracy, it more than made up for by bringing aliens and a ridiculous amount of phallic imagery to the stage in order to reflect where all of the characters’ minds have been over the course of the series: deep, deep in the gutter (which, to be fair, is normal because they’re teens.)

What we didn’t know up until today was, there was plenty more to the musical that was cut from the finale for time’s sake. Today, apropos of nothing, Netflix has uploaded an extended cut to YouTube for the whole world to see and it’s...well, it’s fuckin’ great.

Risque though it may be, it’s also utterly delightful, and a reminder that as serious as we all tend to take sex most of the time, it is rather silly, and there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging that reality.

Sex Education is now streaming on Netflix.


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